About Us

Our Services to Members

  • Conferences

    An important part of the AUKPI's activity is the organisation of conferences.

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  • Webinars

    AUKPI offers monthly webinars on regulatory topics relevant to payments.

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  • A voice for the payments sector

    We aim to provide an input to policy development in the UK.

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  • AML training

    We offer online and seminar based AML training.

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  • Information updates

    News on regulatory, banking and technical issues impacting our sector

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Who we are

AUKPI is a not-for-profit company, whose aims and objectives are agreed collectively by its members.

There are 70 Payment Institutions in full membership of the Association. 50 of our member companies are FCA Authorised Payment Institutions, with the balance FCA Registered Payment Institutions. We also have associate members including technology providers, professional services firms and others with an interest in the independent payments sector.

The Association is led by an Executive Chairman.

The Chairman for 2019/20 is Bob Lyddon. He can be contacted on:

Tel: 07939 132 341
Mainline: 0207 604 2630
e-mail: office@aukpi.org

The Chairman is supported by an elected executive, made up of representatives from member companies.

Members of the Executive are:

  • Harshan Kollara, Fast Encash (Vice Chairman)
  • Rodolfo Basilio, Angra (Treasurer)
  • Paola Basilico, Master Transfer (Secretary)
  • Pawel Mes, One Money Mail
  • Kamal Paudel, Subhida UK
  • Russel Curzon, Instarem
  • Karna Shahi, Union Nepal
  • Adam Keskin, A18 Group

The Executive meets regularly to plan the work of the Association.